Flying School Administration


Running a Flying School can, for want of a better phrase, be a bit ‘up in the air’ if not done properly.

Dealing with the individual requirements of each customer, as well as the more general running of day to day systems, can be a difficult balancing act. What’s needed is a system that allows you to deal with the customers while you are safe in the knowledge that your suppliers, bookings and accounts are all being looked after. That system is RedAtlas Flying School Administration (FSA).

RedAtlas FSA accompanies you and a customer from the very first point of entry, right through their journey, whether it’s a novice student or an experienced pilot. It can manage; Bookings and availability, Invoicing and accounts and also track retail stock levels.

Plus it will seamlessly integrate with RedAtlas AMS and, as a cloud based system, it is also completely accessible from any device when connected to the internet. For more information download our PDF brochure or give us a call to speak to a RedAtlas team member and book a free demonstration.