Airport Management System


Our AMS has been designed to be the seamless conduit between Air Traffic Control, Ground Operations and Financial Operations.

It operates in real time and has intuitive multi-tasking abilities. These allow the user to do things such as simultaneously track movements as well as see whether fees have been paid before departure. At the same time, customers can see live arrivals and departures board information while the back-office modules manage accounting, hangarage, parking and fuel. All of this ensures greater peace of mind and smooth-running airport.

We ran a recent customer survey and these are the top 5 advantages actual users said that the RedAtlas Airport Management System (AMS) offered:

  • Time saving
  • Intuitive and logical to use
  • Clear bespoke reporting
  • Flexible invoicing
  • Breadth of functionality

The four functions our clients found most valuable are:

  • Fuel management
  • Parking and hangarage
  • Integration with ATC
  • Simplistic invoicing processes

We offer a free demo and, once signed up, all new clients have access to our full training programme, including a demo-site which allows staff to familiarize themselves with the product before going live.

For more information on the detailed functionality of RedAtlas AMS and to find out about the brand NEW features for 2020 download our PDF brochure now or better still give us a call to try RedAtlas for your airport today and see how it can transform the day to day running and overall efficiency of your operation.