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RedAtlas Flying School

RedAtlas Flying School Administration (FSA) adapts smoothly to the day to day running of a busy flying school.  Whether it’s a novice student or an experienced pilot, RedAtlas FSA guides you and your students, from the very first point of entry, throughout the entire journey.

RedAtlas FSA manages; Bookings, availability, course building, Invoicing and accounts as well as tracking retail stock levels. It can seamlessly integrate with RedAtlas AMS or operate as a standalone solution. As a cloud based system, it is accessible to anyone.


Goodwood Aerodrome has used RedAtlas systems for a number of years ...

Simon Beken
Aviation Sales and Commercial manager GoodWood Aerodrome

Bookings & Resource Management

Graphical calendar-based planner with tools to manage bookings, lessons and resources.

Invoice Productions

Easy to use invoicing functionalities with a flexible approach to pricing and invoicing, providing time saving data entry facilities. Capable of exporting data into any accounting system.

Course Administration

With customisable management features, allowing instructors and trainers to create learning plans and course syllabuses. 

Student Progress Information

Fully customisable student progression and monitoring features,  based on hours successfully completed.

Student and instructor portals

View, book, amend or cancel any lesson with a personal login.

Shop/Stock Management

Create, update and manage all retail stock.

We offer a free demonstration to anyone interested in RedAtlas, contact us and we can arrange  a time to suit you. Once clients have signed up to RedAtlas we offer a full training program including a demo-site which allows staff to familiarize themselves with the product before going live. For more information on everything RedAtlas has to offer you can download the RedAtlas brochure below or feel free to give us a call on +44 (0)1903 331 711. All the team are happy to  answer any questions that you might have.

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